Salmon Fishing Queen Charlottes

The Queen Charlotte Islands have been known to produce some of the largest salmon in British Columbia!


The Queen Charlotte Islands are a great place to go for your large catches of fish. You don't always get to make it out to the fishing grounds because of the unpredictable weather, but if you want to have a chance at some of the largest salmon in the world, this is the place to come.

Queen Charlotte Fishing :
Kaien Sport Fishing Charters - Kaien Sport Fishing Charters invites you to experience the spectacular fishing of Northern British Columbia in the waters around Prince Rupert and the Queen Charlottes
West Coast Fishing Club - Three different resorts for your choice.
West Coast Resorts - At West Coast Resorts we are committed to providing a world-class setting, which allows our valued guests the unique opportunity to experience that one special moment that will last or perhaps even define a lifetime.


 Campbell River

  Nootka Sound


  Port Renfrew

  Port Alberni




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Salmon Fishing Queen Charlottes British Columbia Canada