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Hiking on Vancouver

    sland is a year round hikers paradise. A wide variety of hikes can be found here ranging from a leisurely stroll to a multiday trek. Summer is an obvious choice for hiking and while you have the best chances of decent weather and clear skies, many popular hikes can be crowded.

    Surfing on Vancouver Island

      Yes, you read the title right. Not only is there surfing in Canada (the land of igloos and ice), there’s an Island off of the coast of British Columbia that possesses multiple surf breaks and has a town that claims to be the Surf Capital of Canada.

      Where to Fish on Vancouver Island

        Vancouver Island is a hotspot for those seeking to explore the outdoors. It offers nearly everyactivity you could want. More importantly, it also offers fantastic fishing.

        Ucluelet and Tofino

          While plenty of places are an outdoorsman’s paradise on Vancouver Island, the place that takes the cake is the West Coast of Vancouver Island. In fact, there are two places in particular that compete for first place, Tofino and Ucluelet, which make up the Pacific Rim area of Vancouver Island.

          Comox Valley Outdoors

            Speaking of Mount Washington, it is the Island’s largest ski resort. With some of the best snow dumps to be found, and numerous chairs and trails, Mount Washington is the Island’s go-to winter holiday paradise.

            Victoria BC–A Destination of Health, Fitness and the Great Outdoors

              For all things health, fitness and the great outdoors, Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island should be your next destination. Not only is it the Cycling Capital of Canada, but a temperate climate means activities like running along the coast, golfing, kayaking, and hiking can be enjoyed year-round! Check out some of the sports and activities you can enjoy in the capital of B.C.

              Vancouver Island–A Worthy Fishing Destination

                While most think of Alaska when it comes to first-class salmon fishing, there’s another destination that should make the list and that is Vancouver Island, British Columbia. What makes it such a great destination? Plenty. Check out the list below to see why you should be planning your next fishing vacation to nowhere other than Vancouver Island.