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Comox Valley Outdoors


    Speaking of Mount Washington, it is the Island’s largest ski resort. With some of the best snow dumps to be found, and numerous chairs and trails, Mount Washington is the Island’s go-to winter holiday paradise. Enjoy the challenging outback, take your time learning on the bunny hill, throw down some new tricks at the park, or enjoy everything in between. There’s also a Nordic lodge, which caters to cross-country skiers and snowshoers who want to enjoy the quieter aspect of Mount Washington.


    Strathcona Park, a major hiking destination, lay within reach from the Comox Valley. With a multitude of hiking trails for all levels and lengths, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to stand on top of the Comox Valley Glacier, summit the tallest peak on Vancouver Island, or enjoy a boardwalk cruise around Paradise Meadows, the Comox Valley is the gateway to the hiking paradise that is Vancouver Island’s trails and mountains.

    Mountain Biking

    For anyone that knows the area, they also know that the Comox Valley is home to some of the top mountain biking in B.C. Cumberland especially offers well-maintained trails of all difficulties. Between Forbidden Plateau, the Cumberland Forest and everything in between, you’ll enjoy technical trails, cruisy downhill sections and enough terrain to keep you busy all day. Plus, you can end your session with a pint at CBC, or with a swim in Comox Lake.

    Another great mountain biking option is the Mount Washington bike park, which opens once ski season is done for the year and ends when the snow makes a return appearance. It is the only chairlift operated mountain biking area on the Island, and offers some great terrain and parks to play in.

    Check out Vancouver Island Mountain Biking for more about Mountain Biking on Vancouver Island, and especially in the Comox Valley.


    Both salt and freshwater fishing are a great endeavor in the Comox Valley. The rivers are packed with salmon and trout, and off the coast are plenty of opportunities to catch a number of different kinds of salmon. For fly fisherman and deep sea trollers, the Comox Valley is a fantastic destination.


    For more water fun, the Comox Valley offers some of the best kayaking to be found. Paddle out for a picnic on some of the Gulf Islands, enjoy Little Mexico off of Goose Spit, or just explore the Comox Marina by boat. Royston offers a couple shipwrecks for a close-up exploration of the ruins, and there are plenty of sights to see along the coastline. Go from the ocean to the Puntledge River to see salmon spawning and seals playing in the waters. There are a number of outfitters ready to rent out boats and even SUP boards to enjoy the Comox Valley from the water.

    Wakeboarding/Water Skiing

    The Valley also boasts some great lakes to enjoy water sports like wakeboarding, tubing and water skiing. In particular, Comox Lake is a summer go-to for locals. Be warned though, the waters are fed by the glacial melt in the summer, and even when the Comox Valley is at its hottest, the lake is frigid.


    Ask any local, and they will likely tell you about a different swimming hole somewhere along Comox Valley’s numerous rivers and lakes. From cliff-jumping hotspots to crystal pools, waterfalls and naturally carved baths, there are endless swimming holes in Comox Valley to find. There’s even a bridge that local kids (and adults) love jumping off of every summer when the water is deep enough.


    From hidden escapes, to popular summer go-to’s, the Comox Valley has a number of great spots to lay in the sun, romp in the water, have a bonfire, play Frisbee, or volleyball and enjoy a beach BBQ. Places like Goose Spit make for the perfect kayak launch point and have fire pits waiting to be used. Other areas like Seal Bay Park and Kitty Coleman, while rocky, offer a fun place to go exploring and enjoy bonfires without the summer beach crowds.


    Thanks to Vancouver Island’s temperate weather, golfing is something that can be done year-round. For many, this makes the Comox Valley a paradise. There are numerous courses, plus a mini-golf course, that offer different challenges and a ton of fun for those that love the sport. So, when you come for a visit, be sure to bring along those clubs, even in the fall/winter.

    Whether you come to visit the Valley to enjoy one sport, or all of them, there’s certainly plenty to do. Rain or shine, winter or summer, there’s an outdoor activity waiting to be tried. Just remember, you don’t have to do it all on the same day – you might pull something.

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