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Fishing in Tofino

Thousands of visitors flock to the west coast of Vancouver Island each year with dreams of reeling in the big one: a Tyee, or any Chinook salmon weighing over thirty pounds. Tofino is a great place to do it, although its southern neighbor, Ucluelet, is better known as the ultimate hotspot for catching loads of salmon and halibut. However, Tofino still does have some great days, so here are the things that make fishing in Tofino so good:

Tofino is good for catching prized Pacific salmon such as the Chinook salmon, as well as the acrobatic Coho salmon. The fishing season runs from late Spring, all the way through until September, allowing for plenty of time to fill up the cooler and freezer with fresh fish.

There are numerous charters to choose from, meaning you might even be able to snag a last-minute trip if you get bored of beautiful beaches, stunning hikes and surfing. While most would suggest fishing in Ucluelet for a longer trip, Tofino is a great go-to for a day trip or even a short morning out at sea to try your hand at one of British Columbia’s favourite pastimes. While you may not catch that sought-after Tyee salmon, you’ll definitely be going home with at least a few edible souvenirs.

All in all, Tofino is a great, well-rounded destination. It’s definitely most famous for its stunning beaches and title of Surf Capital of Canada, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also drop a line! When the fishing is hot in Tofino, you can definitely catch your fill of beautiful Chinook, tasty Coho and, if you’re lucky, some monster halibut. A successful day fishing out of Tofino means fish to last you through the winter, and memories of fun and excitement to last a lifetime. Plus, Tofino looks just as great, if not better, from the water.

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