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Fishing in Victoria

One of the most popular destinations on Vancouver Island, Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and is located on the southern part of the island. There is plenty to do in the city, and you can easily add a day of fishing to the itinerary!

All five types of Pacific salmon pass by the waters of Victoria, and a lot of the salmon spawning takes place in the area, too. For some amazing salmon spawning action, you can visit Goldstream Provincial Park in the fall. It’s a pretty incredible sight!

As far as fishing goes, summer is the best time to catch all five types and the larger chinook salmon. Late May and early June is when the Columbian run comes through and you’ll have a pretty good shot at catching some larger fish and maybe even that sought-after Tyee (chinook larger than 30lbs)! Rumour has it, there can even be the odd 60-pounder! By mid-July to late August another large run of chinook pass by, although the earlier run is larger.

Summer is great for the sunny weather and great fishing, but Victoria has the perk of being a fishable spot in the winter months, too. Large-sized coho come through right near the tail end of the summer and fall, leading straight into the winter chinook season from November to March. During those months you can catch chinook ranging from 5-15 pounds, with the occasional 20lbs+ fish. It’s a great opportunity to be able to get out on the water, while other areas of Vancouver Island are blown into shore!

Every odd numbered year is a pink salmon year, where as many as 30,000,000 of them swim up the strait and past Victoria! This is great news for anglers trolling the ocean, as well as the fly fishermen.Pinks are a great beginner salmon to fly fish for.Victoria is also a good location to try for some halibut, which is a great bonus! All in all, you’ll find plenty to do in Victoria to keep you busy. With a day on the water to top it off, you’ll go home with great memories and a few edible souvenirs, too!

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