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Fishing Mainland BC

There is plenty of fishing to be had on the mainland, mostly out of Vancouver, British Columbia. There are a number of great things about salmon fishing out of the mainland. For one, accessibility. Vancouver is a major hub in British Columbia, and there are numerous flights that land there from all over the world every single day. It also is a great departure location from which to catch a float plane to a fly-in lodge.

All five kinds of Pacific salmon can be caught all year round from the mainland. With several rivers flowing into the river, the salmon supply is steady and there are numerous locations to try your luck. There are also a number of areas on the mainland that see salmon runs up the rivers. This is a great opportunity for fly fisherman to catch some tasty salmon for the dinner table. Thanks to the multiple areas, you can even fish in the winter without being blown off the water by west coast winter storms. When you don’t have much time in British Columbia, but really want to give salmon fishing a try, Vancouver is a great option.