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Hunting in British Columbia

British Columbia is home to plenty of game, making it a top place in Canada to hunt.  Throughout the year, hunters can get tags and licenses for black bears, grizzly bears, timber wolves, moose, elk, mountain goats, cougars, lynx, deer and birds. Of course, with such big game, it’s also a top destination for trophy hunters looking to make that next record hunt.

There are a number of guided hunts and camps that are a great option for visitors to explore the hunting options in British Columbia, as well as be sure to bag some animals to stock up that freezer for the winter.  From fly-in camps located in the ultimate, remote destinations, to lodge hunts that are a bit more accessible, you’ll be able to find an outfitter that targets that animal that’s always been on your hunters’ checklist.

Of all the most popular animals to pursue, British Columbia is one of the top destinations to go for the Canada Moose in particular. In fact, more than half of the 10 largest moose hunted in Canada came from Northern British Columbia. The remote habitat, filled with sky-scraping mountains and dotted with pristine lakes, is the ideal place for large bulls to grow old.

There are plenty of things to consider when coming hunting in British Columbia, and all hunters should take note of the proper licensing, registration methods, tags, limits, fees and open season periods and area restrictions. For a true, Canadian hunting experience, British Columbia is the ultimate destination. A rugged experience filled with some of the most sought after big game and paired with the notorious beauty of British Columbia will no doubt create memories (and taxidermy) to last a lifetime, or at least fill the freezer for a few winters.