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Hunting in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is mostly a fall and winter hunting destination with a variety of game including deer, bear, moose, coyotes, fox, raccoon, hare and birds like the ruffed grouse and ring-necked pheasant. While it lacks some of the larger, record-breaking game like what you can find in British Columbia and Alberta, it’s a hotspot for creatures like coyotes, which you can hunt all year, and the snowshoe hare.

Like other hunting destinations in Canada, there are a number of outfitters available in Nova Scotia to make sure you bag at least one creature to take up some space in the freezer. Whether you’re flying out to a remote camp, or staying in a lodge, a seasoned hunter in the area is your safest bet. The most popular outfitters aim for black bears and deer, as well as the occasional outfitter for rabbits. If the snowshoe hare is what you’re after, try to find a place that provides a kennel for if you bring your dog along for the hunt. Hounds are permitted mid-November for rabbit hunts.

Nova Scotia is a stunning province on the east coast of Canada offering a variety of terrain. While deer can be few and far between unless you know what you’re doing, it’s a great province for hunting coyotes, birds and the snowshoe hare. If you’re already in the east and want to experience hunting, you’re sure to find something in Nova Scotia.