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Hunting in Quebec

Quebec is a large province that spans many different types of terrain, including forested mountains. The winters are long, cold, and provide excellent hunting for animals like white-tailed deer and moose. Another large animal available in Quebec, more than most other areas of Canada, is the caribou. In fact, Quebec is home to two incredibly large herds, making them a highly sought-after hunt. The other option in Quebec for large game is the black bear, which has two seasons to hunt – spring and fall.

Smaller game runs aplenty in the province as well, with a variety of wildfowl, such as ducks, snow geese, Canada geese and wild turkey, as well as hares. Outfitters are happy to arrange accommodation and hunts for whatever you’re after and the areas of the province each offers something different. Quebec is split into 29 hunting zones. Be aware of the various regulations applying to each and ensure you possess the proper permits and requirements for your hunt.