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Hunting in Saskatchewan

There is plenty of game available in Saskatchewan, but it is by far most notorious as one of the best places in the world to hunt white-tailed deer. Thanks to the general habitat provided by the prairies of Canada, the deer have the chance to grow old, and incredibly large. For anyone seeking a trophy-worthy white-tailed, Saskatchewan is the destination for you.

Outside of the deer hunt, there are a number of black bears up for grabs and numerous camps to join in on a hunt. Bears are evasive and provide a long, challenging hunt. Plus, they offer a great reward if you are successful. Moose hunters also find great success in Saskatchewan, with the province offering Western, Eastern and Alaskan moose, mostly in the north. Another top game to hunt in this central province is waterfowl and upland game bird. Why? As far as duck populations in North America goes, Saskatchewan has one of the largest. There is also a steady showing of Canada geese that migrate through the area. The open prairie is also prime birds like grouse and partridge, as well as ptarmigan.

While most people think of Saskatchewan as the doldrums of Canada, or they don’t think of it at all, hunters will find a delightful plot of terrain in which to bag their next trophy, or fix their freezer up for the winter. For bird hunters, it’s a paradise and those who seek a big specimen of white-tailed deer are in luck when visiting Saskatchewan. There are a number of outfitters that will take you out, and plenty of areas to try your luck for any of the game in the province. As always, be sure to know the regulations and comply to the provincial hunting laws.