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Ucluelet and Tofino

    While plenty of places are an outdoorsman’s paradise on Vancouver Island, the place that takes the cake is the West Coast of Vancouver Island. In fact, there are two places in particular that compete for first place, Tofino and Ucluelet, which make up the Pacific Rim area of Vancouver Island. They’re like every other place on Vancouver Island, but with more rugged beauty and extremes. The two have so much to offer for anyone that loves sports, including some of the best fishing in Canada, and even surfing.


    The west coast of Vancouver Island offers some of the best fishing in all of Canada and is bound to keep any angler or sportsman busy for a number of days. First class salmon fishing for Chinook and Coho, and hauling in halibut are just some of the options. The coast is also great for lingcod and rock cod, so even when salmon season has slowed down, there is something to fight up to the boat. Get in on the action of reeling in the big one, and fighting a B.C. salmon onto the boat. For a great charter based in Ucluelet, and more information about fishing on the coast, check out


    Tofino is the surf capital of Canada and the sport is one of the top reasons why visitors flock to the coast. Fantastically sandy beaches also help. During the summer, Tofino’s waves are suitable for learning on, and while a wetsuit is required year-round, the water is tolerable without a hood, booties and gloves. Come winter, more experienced surfers revel in the bigger, more powerful waves. For avid surfers, or those who want to give it a try, Tofino and Ucluelet should be the first destinations on the list.


    The Pacific Rim National Park is filled with beautiful hiking trails that cruise through lush rainforests to endless beaches. From tough summits, to easy-going walks, there is a hiking adventure perfect for any visitor to the coast. Some trails are even wheelchair accessible! If you’re looking for trails that will put your fitness level to the test, check out the last three hikes on this blog post:


    A paddling adventure in either Tofino or Ucluelet can be a multi-day endeavor, or a way to spend a sunny afternoon. Explore Clayoquot Sound from Tofino and any of the numerous islands dotting the area. On the Ucluelet side, you’ll head out into Barkley Sound and can spend your expedition exploring the Broken Group Islands – a kayaker’s paradise of private beaches and rugged, west coast features. Whether you rent a kayak and head out yourself, or enjoy a guided tour, kayaking the west coast of Vancouver Island is bound to leave you happily exhausted at the end of the day. For more about the Broken Group Islands and about Clayoquot Sound, check out


    With so much readily available wilderness, Tofino and Ucluelet are great destinations to pack the tent to. Whether you’re enjoying a kayaking expedition to camp on a remote island, have selected a campground within easy access to either of the towns, or want to go on a multi-day hiking experience, there are endless options to truly get back to nature.


    While surfing is the main beach activity in Tofino and Ucluelet, there are plenty of ways the Canadian sportsman can turn the endless sand into a playground for all sorts of fun. Ultimate Frisbee, beach volleyball, beach running, cross-fit, swimming, skim boarding…. There’s no end to the options for fun on the beach! Check out more of Tofino and Ucluelet’s beaches here:

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