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Vancouver Island–A Worthy Fishing Destination

    While most think of Alaska when it comes to first-class salmon fishing, there’s another destination that should make the list and that is Vancouver Island, British Columbia. What makes it such a great destination? Plenty. Check out the list below to see why you should be planning your next fishing vacation to nowhere other than Vancouver Island.

    1. Long Season

    -Salmon fishing on Vancouver Island stretches from May, all the way through September. The season is long for a number of reasons including great weather and a healthy fishery.

    1. Ocean Fishing
    • For an offshore experience on the open ocean, Vancouver Island is the place to be. For those who get sea sick way off shore, there are a lot of more sheltered, inshore options that still catch great fish.
    1. River Fishing

    -A few major, salmon-populated and trout-populated rivers feed into the ocean from the Island, making it a fly fisherman’s paradise, as well as an ocean goer’s.

    1. Temperate Weather

    -Compared to the massive swell in Alaska that can drive even the boldest of fisherman from the water, Vancouver Island’s fishing season sees fairly temperate weather. Very few charters need to be cancelled because it’s too windy, or the swell is too big.

    1. Fly and Drive in Resorts

    -Because fishing on Vancouver Island is so popular, you’ll have your choice of the kind of experience you want. Whether you’re looking for a remote, fly-in lodge, or a place to stay in town just a hop away from the marina, the Island has it all.

    1. Other Types of Fishing

    -Limited out on salmon early? Not to worry. Halibut, lingcod and rockcod are great, secondary catches on Vancouver Island. Plus, the rivers have different kinds of trout, and the East Coast of Vancovuer Island sees pink salmon and chum as well. Some fishermen even opt to head way offshore for some Tuna fishing, too.

    1. Healthy Fisheries

    -Unlike the King salmon fishery in Alaska, Vancouver Island’s chinook fishery stayed open all season. A healthy fishery means a good, long season with a great return for next year.

    1. Multiple Fishing Spots

    -East coast, west coast, central, north, or south, there are so many different areas to fish, that offer different experiences! Come back each year to find your favourite, or head straight for the West Coast of Vancouver Island – one of the most popular hotspots for fishing.

    1. Other Activities to Do

    -If you don’t want to fish the entire time, or are bringing a long a spouse who isn’t into the idea of days on the water, then you’re in luck. Vancouver Island isn’t just a fishing hotspot, it’s a go-to for world-class kayaking, diving, hiking and plenty of other activities. There are also a handful of fantastic, rejuvenating spas, too.

    1. Plenty of Charters

    -There are plenty of charters to choose from on Vancouver Island, so you’ll be able to find one that fits your every fishing need. Especially in towns like Ucluelet, where fishing is an age-old trade, guides are well-prepared and knowledgeable at finding, fishing and catching fish on Vancouver Island – you’ll be reeling in more than a few big one’s fishing on Vancouver Island.

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