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Vancouver Island British Columbia

Vancouver Island is one of the top vacation destinations in North America!

Vancouver Island is bigger than most people think and according to mass is about three quarters the size of Switzerland. Being about 280 miles long from tip to tip, it can not be seen in the short amount of time that many think. The width of Vancouver Island however is only about 30 to 50 miles in most areas. Being very mountainous it is not as easy as some may think to drive from east to west. The center of Vancouver Island is mostly mountains with the highest being almost 9000 feet above sea level.

The west coast of the island is mostly uninhabited with the exceptions of Ucluelet and Tofino. Victoria lies at the southern tip and Ucluelet and Tofino are about half way up the island on the west side. To drive from Victoria to Ucluelet is about 4.5 to 5 hours. If you are flying up to either Victoria or Vancouver, just know that it is about the same time difference to come from either Vancouver or Victoria to Ucluelet. The benefit of coming from Victoria is that you will have a pretty drive and not have to time the ferry scedule.

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